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Armor, toys, clothes and more! There’s plenty of shopping at the New York Capital District Renaissance Festival

A big part of the New York Capital District Renaissance Festival are the unique vendors and the quality souvenirs, services, and the food they provide.

Herbal Turtle Teas

Herbal Turtle Teas are locally crafted and blended by Master Herbalist Barbara Grose.

Druid’s Way (Herbalist)

All Natural Herbal Remedies

holy smoke

Holy Smoke Incense

Our ceremonial incense is hand-rolled with honey, resin and natural botanicals using a long-burning 60-year-old family recipe. This Incense truly elevates.

Helderberg Meadeworks

Time to Jam

Locally made Jams

Van Dale Farms

Family owned farm for 150 years.


Rev. Jeanne Carey

Rev. Jeanne Carey  is a Nationally Accredited Psychic/Medium who also holds degrees in Teaching and Non-Contact Therapeutic Touch Healing.

Over the last 30 plus years, she has lectured and conducted Workshops and Seminars throughout the East Coast, Montana, Wyoming and California.


Solidago Tarot

Solidago Tarot returns for your fortune-telling fun!

Ephemeral Visions



Knights of Kilbourne

Meet Keith W. Willis, author of Traitor Knight and Desperate Knight — recognized as one of five finalists in the Fantasy competition in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards ( His books are described as Swashbuckling fantasy filled with intrigue, adventure, romance and humor.



Aasguard Enterprises (Games)


storybrook hollow

Storybrook Hollow

A family owned and operated workshop that specializes in bringing a wide variety of fantasy creations to life.

Hickory Arms

Hickory Arms crafts custom hickory wooden practice swords for Eastern (bokken) and Western (waster) martial arts. We also design and make a variety of historical and fantasy-inspired wooden swords, such as Spartan swords and elvish knives; and our Hero Academy collection, which includes swords and other collectibles scaled down for kids.


Valkyrie Vanguard

Scale Maille armor, Horned headdresses, flower crowns, crystal wands, raw crystal tiaras and scale maille items

aggressive metalworks

Aggressive Metal Works

A little Enchantment

A Little Enchantment

Magic meets art in one of a kind fairy and angel sculptures.

Cornerstone Creations

Ornamental Concrete Home & Garden Art
lightening in the woods

Lightning in the Woods

Creative creations made with electricity and reclaimed wood.



Sacred Journey Ceramics

Come and see the artwork of Sacred Journey Ceramics. Each piece is created and fired as part of a journey – one with beautiful results.



Made by Hand Leather

Made By Hand Leather returns for a third year! Artisan Caleb Hand says this on his Etsy page: “Years ago, I used to make leather armor for playing LARPs, and after making myself a few suits, arm guards, pouches, etc. I got out of the hobby. In the Spring of 2013, my love of leather crafting was rekindled and I’ve really jumped in now. I enjoy working with customers to craft just what they want.”

Charter Oak Leather Goods

Charter Oak

Specializes in: Drum cases, cymbal bags, bagpipe cases, guitar straps, pouches, specialty cases, masks, hats, drinking horns, corsets, bracers, collars, chokers, leashes and custom designed items.


Goblin Worx Leather Company

Renaissance, fantasy, and cosplay clothing, armor, and accessories.

Motte & Bailey Crafts

Handmade Wood & Leather goods

Face Painting/Henna

NY Fairy Hair and Blessed Beads Boutique

NY Fairy Hair

Hair extensions, handcrafted beaded/crystal jewelry, and vintage jewelry


Beautiful Things Jewelry -Lovely and Enchanting works of art

Buttons Past to Present


Our purpose is to take the beauty of the past and share this with others. Buttons reflect our sociological development and our technical advancements. What we create is wearable history.

Treasures by Tonya

Hand made Jewelry & Tutus, for adults & children. Wands, Fairies, Circlets, Elf/Fairy Ears, Wreaths, Hair Accessories, Bow Holders & More!


Doctor Gus

Doctor Gus & Company is a collection of artists who collaborate and exhibit together at conventions around the country. We are inspired by found objects, machinery, and antiques of a bygone age. For our work, we draw upon the aesthetics of fantasy, science fiction, nature, and industry.

The project was founded by Gustav “Doctor Gus” Karlson. He has been making, designing and handcrafting Jewelry, Art, and Gadgets of all sorts full time since 2006.

beautiful things

Beautiful Things Jewelry


Shimmy Sisters Jewelry

dragons nest

Dragon’s Nest Designs

specialize in handcrafted Medieval, and New Age jewelry and Renaissance products.

moonglowMoonglow Gifts

Earrings, charm bracelets, necklaces

Novelty & More

cosmic spray paint


Tintagels Gate is a Medieval, Magical, and Metaphysical shop located in Athol, Massachusetts. We carry everything from tarot cards and crystals to handmade swords and jewelry!

cosmic spray paint

Star and Splendor.jpg

Star + Splendor

STAR + SPLENDOR was created to enliven every day with a sense of magic, beauty and inspiration and to help others cultivate a true sense of wellness and joy.

Broken toy division

Broken Toy Division

Here at the USTD/BTD we strive to create unique items that can be personalized to any occasion, providing those receiving our creations a special one of a kind item.

chicken fried quilter

Chicken Fried Quilter

Handmade dolls and puppets.


Mhisty’s Coven Tree

Handcrafted eclectic spiritual gifts for the mind, body, and soul!

Whispering Willow Wild Care

Whispering Willow Wild Care is a 501(c) (3) charitable org who cares for orphaned and injured wildlife & offers live Bird of Prey educational programs.


Leaf Filters

Leaf Filter


Laughing Hyena Emporium and Apothecary

Hand crafted wands, wand stand, wand holder, potions, potion ingredients, potion holders.

The Tee Pee

This vintage Roadside Treasure is a “must stop” whether you’re on a day trip along Rt 20 or on a vacation in the area. Stopping at the iconic structure is sure to be a surprising experience.

The Tepee located on Historic RT 20, is halfway between the charming villages of Cherry Valley and Sharon Springs NY. The Tepee is known for its breathtaking panoramic view of The Mohawk Valley, reaching 90 miles north to the distant Adirondack Mts. Wow, what a view!

Not only is it the place to go for Minnetonka Moccasins, fine Native American-made items, drums, flutes, music and books, there is also a selection of products made in the USA as well as locally. Wow, something for everybody!

Make sure to visit Tepee Pete’s Chow Wagon (located at The Tepee). This is not your typical hotdog stand. Pete’s “nearly famous” chili(s) are a local favorite, and he has delighted his customers for the past 11 years with his delicious food and fun conversation. Wow, it’s great food!

The Tepee will be a unique experience and a memory you’ll treasure forever.

Diddlelydeets Scents – 

Goat Milk Soap, Essential Oils, Shea Butter, Perfume, Bath SaltsSalt Crystals, Incense, Soap Stone Diffusers, Diffuser OilsReed Oils, Incense Holders, Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Smudge Sticks, Crystal BallsAmulets, M & Pestles


Buy official New York Capital District Renaissance Festival gear. Check out our booth in the Apple Barn!


Just in tyme

Just in Tyme Boots and Accessories


Cloak Conjury

Modern and Classic Cloaks, Wearable Costume Art.

Fair Maiden Flowers

Flowered hair wreaths for children and adults.

Lame Horse

Lame Horse Creations

Handmade products that make beautiful gifts.