Vendor FAQ

Q. How long has this festival been running?

A. 2014 was our first year!

Q. What are the hours of the Festival?

A. 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

Q. When can we setup/breakdown our booths?

A. Anytime on Friday, 6 a.m. on Saturday/10 p.m. Sunday. Vehicles must be offsite in the morning by 9 a.m.
Once the Festival day has started (11 a.m.), you CANNOT drive on site to set up your booth!

Q. Is electricity included in the vendor fee?

A. No. If electricity is a necessity, consider bringing your own power supply and a long extension cord. 

Q. What kind of advertising are you using to promote the festival?

A. We can guarantee a heavy flier campaign, community calendars, and social media. We are also exploring potential billboard options and newspaper advertisements.

Q. Will there be camping available on site?

A. Yes. Camping is free. You must contact Gia Pace if you are camping at: no later than one week before the festival begins. If you do not want to camp on site then we recommend Thompson’s Lake Campground at Thacher State Park (approximately 10 minutes away). It is approx. $20 per night. Telephone #: 518-872-1674. Reservations must be made no later than 1 day ahead of arrival.

Q. Will there be hotel/motel/B&B accommodations available?

A. The festival looks for deals with potential sponsors. Organizers will let you know if a deal is available.
Q. . Is there WiFi availability for credit card transactions?

A. No.

Q. Will there be security at night on site?

A. There will be staff on site all night, and if it can be arranged, a security guard will be patrolling overnight.

Q. . Where can we park?

A. There will be on site parking in a designated area for festival staff, vendors, and performers. These groups are required to park in this area.

Q. Is this “rain or shine?”

A. Yes.

Q.  How are you basing the expected attendance of 2,000-5,000 people per weekend?

A. We are basing this estimated attendance on the attendance between 2014-present and other annual festivals in the area, some of which are at this exact location.

Q. Who do I make checks for registration payable to?

A. Online payment is referred, however you can make checks payable to: NY Capital District Renaissance Festival, LLC

Q. Do you take electronic payments?

A. Yes, each vendor receives an electronic invoice.

Q. Is there a registration form that needs to be filled out?

A. Yes. You can access it on our vendors page.

Q. Do we need to provide a certificate insurance for our booth at the event?

A. Yes. All vendors need to have insurance. In addition, all vendors must sign a liability waiver prior to opening day.

Q. How will booth space be assigned?

A. First come/first serve basis as well as by any special needs for that booth.

Q. How can I obtain vendor insurance?

A. Try these insurance options: a.
c. Or you can google “vendor insurance” to find a deal/rate that works best for you!

Q. Do I have to break down my booth on Saturday night & set it up again on Sunday morning?

A. No. However, since there may not be any security, leaving your booth set-up overnight is at your own risk.

Q. What are the tax and health department obligations for food vendors?

A. All food and beverage vendors must have a current license and current permit registered with the Health Department. Licenses must be on file no later than 2 months before the festival and health permits must be on file no later than 2 weeks before the festival.
Q. Can I have the same booth location as last year?

A. Booth locations are NOT guaranteed from year to year. Booth locations and placements are at the discretion of Festival Management.