From jousts and dueling vixens to traditional dancing lessons and there is a lot to see at the New York Capital District Renaissance Festival.

2019 NYCDRF Schedule updated 6-4-19

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Royal Jousts, Games performed by Roundtable Productions – The featured event of the festival, join us as the ground rumbles under the hooves of massive horses as wood and metal crash together. Who will win the Queen’s favor?

Lords of Adventure


Lords of Adventure – The Lords of Adventure: Jack Bold, Roger Awesome, Nick Nice, Randy Smooth, Arthur Daring, Alex Quick, Will Passion. Choose to be a hero, or be a victim by accident!!!


Join your friendly, neighbourhood Shakespeare as he takes you on adventures full of merriment: sword fights, mistaken identities, star-cross’d lovers, flying implements of doom, musical numbers, death by fluffy kittens, and … being pursued by a bear. Winner of the 14th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards Favorite Children-Geared Performer, Shakespeare Approves! features performances shaped to be fun for everyone! Shakespeare Approves!

Cock and Bull Dirty Show (PG-13) & Kangaroo Court (G-rated)

Comedy Renaissance Style!



The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told – Described as Pirates of the Caribbean meets Whose Line is it Anyway?– The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told will give you swashbuckling adventure.

Vixens En Garde – If the joust doesn’t satisfy your need for action, Vixens En Garde will. A mix of comedy and sword fighting action, the vixens don’t fail to excite.

Viking Warrior Encampment


Shimmy Sisters – Ancient and alluring belly dancing performance.



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Charmings with the girls no logo.jpg

Peasant Dancing at the Maypole with the Maypole Mistress. (Photo Frank Tirrell)

Morgan Eagle Falconry’s educational programs highlighting the sport of falconry and the birds used in the sport. With a display of live Raptors



Balloon Ben, The Jester – Bends balloons to your will in the da Vinci Future Barn.

Costume Contest – Join us for a chance to win great prizes in our daily costume contest!

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Where’s Waldorf? – Kids, find Waldorf to win prizes – stop by the information booth near the upper gate to learn how to play.

treasure hunt

Captain’s Quest Treasure Hunt – Follow the clues to the treasure!

Vow Renewal Ceremony (Sunday only)




Whispering Willow Wild – Owls

Photo Ops – See Dr. Who’s TARDIS, a Dalek & sit on the throne for a selfie!

Musical Acts

wandering monsters
Wandering Monsters – Wandering Monsters are going to rock it 16th Century Celtic-style this summer!

The Charmings – Musical stylings fit for a princess.